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Do You Have Hearing Loss?

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5 Keys Communication Program

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As a patient of our clinic, your hearing is our primary concern. Effective communication skills are crucial to improving your quality of life. We are happy to offer an excellent program called 5 Keys Communication. It is designed to help you overcome the frustrations associated with hearing loss, and has produced positive results for thousands of people.

5 Keys Communication is an aural rehabilitation program for people with hearing loss and their communication partners. It teaches comprehensive communication strategies using methods that are easy to understand and incorporate into your daily life. 

You will learn the 5 Keys to Communication Success:

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There are three parts to this program:

  1. An educational handbook provides you with information tips and strategies
  2. Worksheets focus on activities to help you apply what you have learned
  3. Weekly follow-up emails help reinforce the skills you have developed and ensure you remain actively engaged in the aural rehab process

Patients who have participated in the 5 Keys Communication program continually sing its praises. We're thrilled to help you enjoy the benefits of the program yourself!

"This book is outstanding. I wish I had received a copy from my audiologist when I got my first pair of hearing aids eight years ago. It would have made such a difference as I adapted to life with hearing aids." 

-Sarah, Speak Up Librarian blogger

5 Keys Communication is a critically acclaimed program designed to educate and empower people affected by hearing loss.

To get started with the 5 Keys Program, contact our office today!†

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