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Do You Have Hearing Loss?

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Without hearing protection, you could experience permanent, yet preventable, hearing loss. Exposure to noise can have a detrimental impact on your hearing function, particularly if your ears are subjected to loud noises or a moderate level of noise over a particular length of time.  Even relatively quiet noises can cause hearing damage if you’re exposed to them for long enough,

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Anyone who does not wear hearing protection while shooting a firearm can suffer hearing loss and/or tinnitus with as little as one shot.  Many firearms create noise that is higher than 140 dB, with some pistols and big-bore rifles capable of noise as high as 175 dB.    Shooting typically results in a high-frequency hearing loss.  Because many speech sounds

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Americans are exposed to dangerous sound levels on a regular basis that can result in hearing loss.  Noise-induced hearing loss is a growing health issue even among teenagers and young adults.  May is Better Hearing Month, and there is no better time to recognize the dangers of unprotected exposure to loud noise, and take steps to minimize damage to our

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