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Do You Have Hearing Loss?

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Keeping your child in the best health is the number one goal of any parent, and good hearing health is certainly one of the most important issues. With around 15 percent of children experiencing hearing loss in at least one ear, knowing when to take your child to an audiologist is essential. As with many things related to your child’s

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Audiologists are professionals who specialize in ear health including hearing loss. If you have any problems with your ears, including discomfort and pain, hearing issues or ringing, you should always get in touch with an audiologist and book an appointment. Audiologists may not be able to cure hearing loss completely, but they are usually able to recommend a treatment, which

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Whether you’re concerned that you’re starting to suffer from hearing loss , or you simply want a more complete picture of your health, arranging your first appointment with the audiologist is always a good step. But many people have never really considered their hearing health before, so they’re not certain what they’re in for. Here, we look at what you

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