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How to Persuade a Stubborn Loved One to Wear a Hearing Aid?

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Convincing loved ones to seek treatment for the conditions affecting their health can be tough. A lot of people are particularly stubborn when it comes to their health. Some have a sense of not wanting to be a burden on others, some fear the lifestyle changes that might happen as a result and some are worried about the cost.

If your loved one needs a hearing aid but they’re being stubborn about it, here are a few ways you can nudge them in the right direction.

Take a soft approach

Don’t attempt to pressure your loved one into making an appointment with an audiologist. Treat the subject with care, as it might be something of a sensitive matter for them. The more pressure you pile on them, the more adverse they could be to your advice. As such, you should approach the subject from a place of care. Try to understand their position and work with them, rather than against them.

Why are they being stubborn?

One of the best ways to make your points as convincing as possible is to make sure that they’re based on the concerns that your loved one actually has, rather than what you assume they might be thinking about. We’ll address some of those concerns below, but you should start by asking them upfront why they won’t want to wear hearing aids. Make it clear that you’re a safe harbor for them to tell if they’re comfortable and don’t dismiss or shame any concerns they have. Take them seriously and see if there are any solutions.

Wow them with the facts of the matter

There are emotional arguments to be made for the benefits of hearing aids, but your loved one might feel like you are trying to manipulate them if you try to leverage this too much. Don’t talk about how negatively their life is affected by hearing loss, or how it impacts you. Instead, you can talk about the benefits of hearing aids in concrete terms, such as some of the features that can come with them. Bluetooth connectivity that helps them work with modern tech is an example of convenient technology. You can find many examples of features that are impressive from a technological standard.

Cast a light on the positive, not the negative

I’m doing fine as I am, is a saying that is not uncommon to those who know they could benefit from hearing aids, but don’t want to wear them. The approach of telling them what is wrong with their life and how it is related to their hearing loss is a very heavy-handed and wrong-headed approach to make and is more likely to make them defensive as a result. Instead, look at the positive ramifications that wearing hearing aids could have and lead with them instead. Hearing aids can help them better enjoy music, make it easier to communicate with friends and family, and help them live a more independent life.

Let’s talk numbers

Another common concern individuals have when selecting hearing aids is the associated costs. Luckily, hearing aids are an important investment in your health, making them a great purchase for your overall wellbeing. The hearing aids you select will range in prices based on the style you want – whether that’s in the ear (ITE), in the canal (ITC) or behind the ear (BTE) – as well as what kind of features you need. 

Accompany them to the appointment

A lot of people simply don’t like going to appointments regarding their health. Many of them feel flustered or nervous about talking about their health or get worried they might forget something or not ask a relevant question. You can offer to be there, if they’re comfortable, to offer emotional support and assist them in any way you can. This can make them feel a little more at ease about going.

Getting help from your audiologist

Hearing aids can offer a tremendous improvement to the quality of life of the person wearing them. However, if you feel like your own arguments aren’t convincing enough for your loved one, then hearing it from an authority could be just what they need. Get in touch with your local audiologist at The Center for Audiology by calling our Houston number at 713-255-0035, or 713-800-5050 if you’re in Pearland.