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Noise and Hearing Loss

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Americans are exposed to dangerous sound levels on a regular basis that can result in hearing loss.  Noise-induced hearing loss is a growing health issue even among teenagers and young adults.  May is Better Hearing Month, and there is no better time to recognize the dangers of unprotected exposure to loud noise, and take steps to minimize damage to our delicate inner ears.  

Noise exposure occurs in the workplace, in social and recreational venues, and at home.  Sports and concert venues, personal music devices, power tools, lawn mowers, hair dryers, kitchen appliances, video games, motor sports, and firearms are common, high-risk sources of prolonged loud noises in our everyday lives that may be damaging our hearing. Even a very slight hearing loss can have an effect on your quality of life -- the way you work, play and socialize.

To reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss:

  • Lower the volume -- on smartphones, personal music devices, and other audio devices.
  • Limit the duration and volume when using earbuds and headphones.
  • Use ear protection equipment such as ear muffs or ear plugs if you work or play in a noisy environment.
  • Use ear protection at concerts and sporting events.
  • Do not insert objects, such as cotton swabs, into your ears or your children's ears.
  • Insist on the use of ear protection for children/youth.
  • Be a role model -- teach your child/children the value of hearing and how loud noises can harm their ability to hear.
  • Be Hearing Smart -- have your hearing checked on a regular basis.

The Center for Audiology offers a complete line of custom ear plugs for precise fit and excellent noise reduction, ranging from musician molds, passive and electronic shooter protection, personal music device ear bud molds, motorcycle riding molds, to sleep and swim molds.  Call 713-255-0035 to schedule your appointment for ear mold impressions today!