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Roundup of The Center for Audiology's favorite hearing aids of 2016 (in alphabetical order):


1. Lyric Extended-Wear Hearing aids

For those looking for an invisible, hassle-free device that provides 24/7 hearing along with excellent sound quality and high moisture resistance, the Lyric continues to be the only device on the market that meets the demands of the active user who demands exceptional performance in a convenient, cosmetically invisible package.

2. Oticon Opn 

This newest hearing aid by Oticon has 2 completely separate chips, one to control background noise, and one to control speech sounds. Rather than reducing everything in the presence of background noise, this hearing aid manages noise effectively while keeping speech sounds from all around you crisp and clear. Direct Bluetooth capabilities allow for direct streaming from iPhones and iPads without the need for a streamer interface. This is also the first internet-connected hearing aid, which allows for the hearing aid to interface with many other internet-enabled devices e.g., lights, doorbell,

3. Phonak Audeo V-R Rechargeable Hearing Aids-

Beta testing of this rechargeable hearing aid yielded valuable feedback from patients. On a 3-hour charge, most patients reported > 24 hours of hearing aid operation. Instead of changing batteries, hearing aids are inserted into a charger. Sealed hearing aid casing also provides the highest moisture and dust resistance to minimize intermittent hearing aid performance due to moisture or dust penetration. This is an easy, high-performance hearing aids with exceptional noise management and overall performance.  

4. Resound Linx 2

The original direct made-for-iPhone hearing aid’s second generation hearing aids continue to perform very well in many variable environments. Effective feedback management allows for even high levels of amplification for those with more severe hearing losses, without the annoying hearing aid squealing known as feedback. With an app that allows the user to control many of the hearing aids settings and features, the Resound Linx 2 delivers direct Bluetooth streaming along with incredible user control.

5. Widex Unique

With its latest generation product, Widex continues to provide high-fidelity sound, automatic noise management, and incredible speech and music reproduction. The Zen program within the hearing aid provides an effective tinnitus masking solution, offering relief to those suffering from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

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