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Summertime, Sweat, and Hearing Aids


It’s summertime in Houston! Humidity is up, and that means increased chance of moisture buildup in hearing aids.   You may also notice that your ears are sweatier due to hearing aid use. What are the best summertime do’s and don’ts when it comes to hearing aids?

DO: Store your hearing aids and hearing aid batteries in a cool, dry place.

Don’t:  Leave your hearing aids in direct sunlight or in extreme heat, like inside your car.

DO: Use a hearing aid dehumidifier to dry out hearing aids.

Don’t: Get your hearing aids wet. Be careful to remove daily-wear hearing aids before showering or swimming.

Do: Pack back-up supplies, like batteries, vent cleaners, wax filters. Clean your hearing aids regularly, including the air vent if applicable, which will allow your ear to “breathe” while wearing the hearing aids.

Don’t: Ruin vacation by forgetting one of these important accessories. If you do, call us! We can mail you supplies if needed.

Do: Keep them on for important announcements from airport officials

Don’t: Take your hearing aid out while going through airport security or while in flight. The airport is not the best place to lose a hearing aid. Hearing aids do not have to be removed for security.

The summer season doesn't have to be hard on your hearing technology! If you do your due diligence to protect your hearing aid from the sun and heat, and make sure to plan ahead and pack a hearing aid travel kit before leaving home, you can ensure a non-working hearing aid won’t get in the way of your summer fun.   If your hearing aid does break down due to moisture buildup, The Center for Audiology is here to help with fast, efficient, and friendly service in both our Houston, TX and Pearland, TX locations.