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What Kind of Ear Protection Do You Need?

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Every audiologist believes in using ear protection from time to time. By protecting your ears, you can prevent damage from happening in the ear canal and inner ear, which usually ends up causing hearing loss issues.

Some people are at a higher risk of damaging their ears than others, which means there are plenty of different ear protection options out there for you to consider. But, what kind of ear protection do you need? To help you decide on the best option, we’ve put together a short guide that will provide the information you need.

How much protection do you need?

If you talk to your audiologist about ear protection, they’ll usually inform you about earplugs, earmuffs, or headphones. All three of these options offer protection, but some are more severe than others and can block out more sound.

As such, you need to consider how much protection you need. Do you need to completely block out as much sound as possible? If so, then earplugs are probably the best option for you. But, if you just need to muffle the sound, then earmuffs could be better. Similarly, if you need to block out exterior noise but still have the ability to hear other people, then noise-cancelation headphones have the features to make this possible.

How often will you use your ear protection?

Another thing to consider is how often you’ll actually require ear protection. If this is a one-off thing – say, you’re going to a concert, and it’s going to be exceedingly loud – then it makes sense to get a cheaper option like disposable earplugs.

However, if you need to protect your ears on an almost daily basis, then it makes sense to invest in something longer-lasting like custom earplugs, good quality earmuffs, or some effective headphones. The type of person that needs a more permanent ear protection device is someone who might work with power tools a lot, lives by loud construction sites, or works in settings with a lot of noise at high decibels.

If you need to use ear protection devices almost every day, then it doesn’t make sense to get a temporary option like disposable earplugs. This is because you’ll need to replace them frequently, meaning it can cost more money over time.

What do you need the ear protection for?

Finally, you should think about the reasoning behind getting ear protection. Why do you need it? If you merely want to protect your ears from the odd loud noise, then you’ll be fine getting whichever option suits your budget and feels the most comfortable.

But, if you need them for a specific purpose – like you work in a factory or you’re a musician – then you can often find appropriate ear protection for particular purposes. It makes sense to do some research and see if you can find earplugs or earmuffs designed for the exact reason you need them. This often means they’re made to be more effective at delivering the right amount of protection for you.