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Why is Custom Ear Protection Important?

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Custom ear protection is one of the many things offered by audiologists to help maintain the health of your hearing. The primary purpose of ear protection is to protect your ears from loud noises to help prevent hearing loss. It’s highly likely that your audiologist may recommend custom ear protection to you after an appointment. As such, it makes sense to understand why they’re so important.

Superior sound protection

Custom ear protection will prevent loud sounds from damaging your inner ear. This can often cause things like tinnitus and permanent or temporary hearing loss. Things like ruptured eardrums are also commonplace when you’re exposed to really loud noises. The thing is, can’t you just get the same protection from general earplugs? They’re cheap to buy and you can order them online in an instant. While that might be convenient, custom ear protection is important as it provides far superior sound protection. Custom ear protection is because they’re molded to fit your ears and ensure there are no gaps where sound can sneak through. There’s also no worry of the protection falling out or being displaced because of the custom-fit -- whereas standard earplugs can always fall out when you move around or talk.

Unique features that you don’t get with earplugs

Custom sound protection can be made with some unique features that make them ever so valuable. For one, you can get filters in the protection aids that help to filter out specific sounds but allow you to still hear others as clearly as can be. For example, you can filter out the loud noises of machinery while still having the ability to listen to other people talk to you. Plus, they’re made in such a way that lets sound pass both ways through the device. As such, when you speak, you can hear it clearly, and it doesn’t sound muffled or ‘inside your head’ like with traditional earplugs.

Extreme comfort to prevent soreness

It may not seem like a very important thing, but custom ear protection is designed for comfort. As mentioned earlier, you will struggle to find earplugs that fit your ears perfectly. They could be too big, too small, or get displaced with ease. The consequence of badly fitted earplugs is that your ears end up getting sore. You could see bruising around the outer portion of your ears, or maybe develop blisters from too much rubbing against your skin. When you get custom ear protection from an audiologist, it’s designed using materials that are proven to be comfortable and offer no issues. Not only do you protect your ears and keep your hearing in good health, you also stop any discomfort and pain in the outer ear as well.

It is well worth scheduling an appointment with your audiologist if you think custom ear protection is right for you. Anyone that works around loud noises or finds themselves exposed to lough sounds for extended periods should get some. They’re extremely important with regards to protecting your ears and ensuring you don’t suffer any hearing loss. Plus, they’re far better than regular earplugs or protective devices.