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Written Testimonials

Most natural and clearest hearing 

“After wearing a hearing aid on and off for 4 years, I found Dr. Sara Nagel at Center for Audiology. She has worked with me for several months during which time I've tried different styles of hearing aids until I found something that is highly effective, secure and comfortable. Beyond being kind and accommodating, she is most intelligent and skilled in making computer adjustments to the hearing aides that has lead to the most natural and clearest hearing I've experienced in many years. She is a true professional, dedicated to her clients and her profession."

BS, age 77

I was definitely missing out!

“That was the best weekend I've had in a LONG time! So incredible to feel the difference and be able to take some of the stress off communicating. It's such a relief to not struggle as much when having conversations. My old devices were good, but compared to the Lyric, I was definitely missing out. I felt like a little girl with a new toy.

I really appreciate and admire The Center for Audiology for staying on top of new advancements in technology and for setting themselves apart.”

AP, age 28

Opening a new world

“My new hearing aids are a blessing to my life by opening up a new world to me.

Now instead of pretending to hear; I can actually hear and communicate one on one or with a group of people. Wow, just think, I can go to the movies and actually hear the show! I can hear the rain drops, the crinkle of leaves, fans circulating the air, a granddaughter’s laughter. Hearing is probably taken for granted until it’s slowly lost. Thank goodness for the caring dedicated specialists such as Dr. Nagel and Dr. Seeberg that not only takes pride in their work but truly care about making a difference in the lives of their patients.”

BN, age 67

“I can finally use my iPod with my hearing aids.

I’ve grown up wearing hearing aids and now use the Oticon with Bluetooth technology. It has been great to finally run with an iPod that sends the signal straight to my hearing aids — no headphones required! I can also talk on the phone hands-free, which is important while driving.

Dr. Nagel has been extremely helpful and accommodating. She knows what will work for you and works hard to perfect the results. I am so happy to find an audiologist I enjoy working with!”

CD, age 22

I can hear so much better, even whispers

“I have severe to profound hearing loss, and with my new Phonak hearing aids I can hear so much better, even whispers. It’s also great that I can hear better from a distance. I don’t have to be looking at the person speaking, and can also hear as I walk away from the speaker. This new technology has helped my hearing a lot!”

LM, age 23

Finally found a winner!

“I have been most impressed with Dr. Nagel’s thorough knowledge of audiology and her patience in answering my many questions. This is my third try with hearing aids, but this time I’ve finally found a winner!”

JH, age 72