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Do You Have Hearing Loss?

Find out what our hearing professionals can do to treat your hearing loss!

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Complete diagnostic evaluations are available at The Center For Audiology. Hearing problems have many associated symptoms. The services offered will find out the extent of the problems without being too invasive. State of the art treatment methods are used for standard and non-standard services. 

Hearing aid repairs

There are many small working parts inside hearing aid devices. Even with proper maintenance, there is a chance that repairs need to be made. Minor repairs can be done by the user at home if it is covered in the manual. When the repair is too technical for the user, bringing it into The Center For Audiology is a welcome choice. Minor repairs are handled onsite while advanced repairs are sent off to the device manufacturer. 

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Tinnitus therapy

Tinnitus has no cure, but plenty of ways to manage it. Several tinnitus treatments are grouped under behavioral therapy. Each treatment has a slight variation in its approach to make it more effective against the different symptoms of tinnitus. 

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Hearing loss

Hearing loss isn’t always permanent, and not always in both ears. The more information an audiologists has on hand about the patient, the easier it is to determine if there is hearing loss. Sometimes it is temporary, and other times it is only in one ear. 

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Hearing test

Getting a proper diagnosis is possible with accumulated data of multiple hearing tests. Although tests are different per patient, the most common are the pure-tone, speech, middle ear, and otoacoustic emissions test. 

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