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Hearing Loops


Get more from your hearing aids with HEARING LOOPS!  A hearing loop sends clear, pure sound to your hearing aid without background noise.  Even with the most up-to-date technology, hearing aids cannot completely separate important sounds from background noise; nor do they pick up all sounds from a distance such as those in a performance hall, a place of worship, an airport terminal, or even a home tv viewed from across the room.  In such settings, hearing (induction) loops can offer a solution.  A hearing loop wirelessly transmits sound to an antenna, called a telecoil, in a hearing aid.  Much like Wi-Fi, a hearing loop connects the hearing aid user wirelessly to the public sound system, a home tv, or other sound source.  A facility can be identified as having a hearing loop by the universal symbol above showing an ear on a blue background.  

To use a hearing loop, you need a hearing aid that has a manual telecoil.  The telecoil, also called a t-coil, links in to the electromagnetic signal from the hearing loop and converts it to acoustic sound in the hearing aid.  This process eliminates the background noise because the sound source transmits the signal directly to the hearing aid.  The listener hears only pure sound from the source-whether that's from a pulpit, a podium, a theater stage, an airport terminal, or a tv at home.  In a looped environment, hearing aids with a t-coil become wireless receivers for the sound source which makes them twice as useful!

The Center for Audiology is proud to be at the forefront of advocacy for hearing loop installations in Houston.  Through our Houston-Get in the Hearing Loop Campaign, hearing loops can now be found at the following Houston venues: 

  1. Alley Theatre- Hubbard Theatre, Downtown Houston
  2. Main Street Theater- Rice Village
  3. Wortham Theater- Coming Soon!
  4. St. Luke's United Methodist Church 
  5. St. Philip Presbyterian Church 
  6. Congregation Emanuel 
  7. Congregation Emanuel 

To check for hearing loop installation updates in Houston-area venues, or to check for hearing loops in other cities across the U.S., visit   To see if your hearing aid is equipped with a telecoil, or to activate the telecoil in your hearing aid, please call for an appointment at 713-255-0035.  The Center for Audiology- Helping make Houston hearing accessible for all Houstonians!