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Tips for New Hearing Aid Wearers

a woman inserting a hearing aid into her ear

Whether the first pair you’ve ever tried or a new replacement for those that don’t work as well anymore, a new pair of hearing aids can make a major difference. In fact, it usually takes some time to get used to. Your audiologist will be there to help you address any questions and fix any issues that might crop up when you’re first wearing hearing aids, but here are a few tips to help you get started.

Be patient and wait to get used to them

In many cases, any instances of being overwhelmed or finding the hearing aids’ physical presence to be a little distracting are going to go with time. You may simply need to get used to them. Otherwise, you should arrange a follow-up appointment with your audiologist following the fitting, if you haven’t already. They will look over the hearing aids and ask you about them, making sure that there are no major issues or problems with them. If there are some issues, they can help you diagnose and fix them on the spot. If you do catch major problems, however, you don’t need to wait to get in touch.

Avoid messing with the hearing aids too much

Your hearing aids have volume adjustment functions and are also likely to be able to be programmed to different amplification settings based on your needs. However, most hearing aids also adjust to the environment so it’s not likely that you need to adjust it. Sometimes, we may want to increase the amplification, but that might actually be improving our hearing beyond the natural range, which isn’t good for everyday use. Give it and wait to see if you grow used to the settings. If you still feel a need to adjust it, do it with the help of your audiologist.

Don’t immediately start wearing them in loud environments

To begin with, you should try only wearing your hearing aids in quieter environments. Start with your own home, or taking them out for walks in spaces that are more peaceful. Over time, you should increase your exposure to greater levels of environmental noises. Social spaces, cafes, cinemas and so on. Take your time and work your way up. Otherwise, you might find that the sudden difference in noise exposure can be quite overwhelming.

Only wear them for a few hours a day at first

Just as you should increase your exposure to noise level gradually, so too should you gradually increase how much you wear your hearing aids each day. It can be a little distracting and even tiring, at first, to wear your hearing aids as you’re suddenly exposed to noises you might not have heard in a long time, such as a humming fridge or a singing bird. Your audiologist can help you come up with a schedule for how much you wear your hearing aids each day. In most cases, you want to start with only a few hours, increasing it a bit each day. If you find that you’re ever feeling exhausted after a day of wearing them, reduce the time a little the next day and start building gradually again. Before long, you will be able to wear them all day without issue.

Read to yourself

Your own vocal control is going to be different when you have a hearing aid. With hearing loss, it’s easy to find the volume of your voice naturally going up. As such, you might find it distractingly loud when you first wear your hearing aids. You should get used to speaking and controlling your voice by reading aloud to yourself. Adjusting the volume of your voice is easier than adjusting your hearing aid settings, it just takes a little practice to do it instinctively. 

Practice taking care of your hearing aids

You’re going to get the best use of your hearing aids if you give them the proper care, cleaning and maintenance that they deserve. Consider purchasing a hearing aid kit and learn how to clean them thoroughly, then keep up with their maintenance every day. Similarly, if your hearing aids case isn’t naturally dehumidifying, you might want to purchase a dehumidifier for them as well. Your audiologist can offer you all kinds of hearing aid care tips.

If you have any questions about or issues with your hearing aids, your audiologist will gladly help you solve them. Get in touch with The Center for Audiology by calling your local office at 713-255-0035 for Houston and 713-800-5050 for Pearland.